Manually Calculating Steps Per

If your motor tuning calibration (steps per) is set, but still slightly off, you can make adjustments without having to re-check actual distance.  At this point you would know how far off you are over how much distance. For example, if you cut a 5" part but it is measuring 5.012" than you can do one of the following:

  1. Run the calibration wizard, but no need to actually verify the distance traveled as you already know the settings.  Enter the distance to move as 5" (use your actual commanded distance). Once it completes the move and prompts for how far it actually moved, enter 5.012" (use your actual measured distance).
  2. You can adjust the steps per value directly. For Mach3, this is in the config->motor tuning menu (then select the axis needed to change)(be sure to click the save axis settings button when the change is made for an axis). For Mach4 it is in the configure->mach... menu and then the motors tab (then click on the word for the motor you need to adjust).  You can do math on the steps per value listed. In our example, we are off by .24 percent (.012/5=.0024 or .24%).  So if the steps per are 50,000 then you would change steps to 49880 (50,000 - .24%).
    • If the parts are too big, then you need to reduce the steps per. If the parts are too small, then you need to increase the steps per.


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