Mach3 Spindle Pulley Setup for Use with Variable Speed Spindle

To continue to utilize the variable speed functionality of your spindle with a VFD, you can setup various spindle pulleys in the control. Doing this will allow you to set the variable speed on the spindle and allow the control to still set the correct speed from the VFD.


1. You can view the spindle settings on the “Program Run” screen




P: spindle pulley

S: commanded speed

SO: spindle override speed


You can change either of the above values by selecting the DRO, editing the value, and then pressing [Enter].



2. To set up the pulley ranges, select Config -> Spindle Pulleys




Pulley 1 would be the lowest range.


For example, you could have the following ranges:

  • Pulley 1: 0 – 100, low gear, dial set at 100
  • Pulley 2: 100 – 500, low gear, dial set at 500
  • Pulley 3: 501 – 1200, hi gear, dial set at 1200
  • Pulley 4: 1200 – 2200, hi gear, dial set at 2200

Based on the programmed spindle speed, the operator would need to set the pulley in the control and the appropriate gear and variable speed setting on the machine for the control to command the spindle motor the programmed speed.




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