Keyboard Inputs for Mach 4



Mach4 has the ability to utilize inputs from the keyboard to jog the Machine.


First step, enable the Keyboard Input plugin as shown:

  1. Go to Configure>Mach*>Plugins

    *On newer versions of the software (Version 10278 and up) Mach will be replaced with Control 


    Enable the Keyboard Inputs plugin. 

  3. Restart Mach 4, close the software and reopen

  4. Go to Configure>Plugins>Keyboard Inputs
  5. Fill out the information for the input, use the image below for reference.
    • To select the Key, click in the box, then push the key you would like to use. The example shoes the up arrow key."
    • You can require the Shift, Alt or Ctrl Keys to be pressed for the key input to take effect. Exactly the same as the copy/paste hot keys in Windows function. 
    • Lock Key feature allows you to use a lock Key to toggle on/off.
    • Function lets you select which axis you would like to Jog, and at what speed.
    • Click Add to create a new input. To save your work, press OK.










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