Homing Limits Window-Mach3

Checking this option on an axis will change the direction the machine moves.

Soft Max
This is the upper limit of travel for soft limits. It is always the more positive value on the number line.
Soft Min
This is the lower limit of travel for soft limits. It is always the more negative value on the number line.
Slow Zone
When the machine is being jogged near the edge of the soft limit envelope it will proportionally slow the jog speed the farther into the slow zone it gets until it stops at the limit. This setting controls the size of the slow zone.
Home Off.
This defines the numeric value of the home position. This is typically defaulted to zero, but can be changed to anything.
Home Neg
Checking this option changes the direction the axis goes to find the home switch.
Auto Zero
When this is checked it zeros out the machine coordinates when the system homes (default is checked).
Speed %
This is the percentage of the rapid speed for that axis that the machine will run at when homing.
G28 Home Location Coordinates
When a G28 command is called this is the location in machine coordinates that the system goes to.
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