Hide the Menu in Mach3 with Ultimate Screen

You can hide the Mach3 menu to prevent a user from changing system settings with the Ultimate screen.


Two steps:

On the HMI Settings page of the Diagnostics tab, create a password of your choosing. Type the password and press [enter] on the keyboard.




Next select Config --> General Config... at the top menu. Turn off the menu by selecting "No System Menu in Mach3." Then restart Mach3. The menu will be hidden.




To turn the menu back on, use the password to access the HMI Settings page of the Diagnostic tab. Click Menu on in the top right. 


Description of the problem:

If you want to lock down the Ultimate screen to avoid issues of users changing settings.
To lock down the ultimate screen:
  1. Go to Config -> General Config
  2. In the third column near the middle there is a check box for "No System Menu in Mach3" which will turn off the menu bar at the top of the screen next time Mach3 is started
  3. Close the General Config window
  4. On the bottom right corner of the screen go to the "Diagns" tab
  5. Go to "HMI Settings"
  6. Press "Show Password"
  7. Enter the password you want to use to lock the screen down (NOTE: make sure you type it correctly because you only get to type it once)
  8. Save Settings
  9. Restart Mach3
The system menu will be gone and you will be required to enter the password to access the "Diagns" tab.
To change settings go to the "Diagns" tab and enter the password. Then under the "HMI Settings" tab select "Menu On" and the system menu will appear. When Mach3 is restarted it will be gone again.