G-Code Axis Spindle Setup - Mach3

Steps to setup a g-code axis spindle:


In HiCON plugin menu (Config --> Config Plugins --> M3HiCON Config), select the spindle axis and set the spindle type to "Gcode Axis":



Press [OK] to save changes.


Next, setup the axis and spindle calibration in motor tuning (Config --> Motor Tuning). For the axis tuning, steps are per degree and velocity would be degree per minute. For spindle, step are per revolution and velocity is revolutions per minute.



Click [Save Axis Settings] after making changes to either axis or spindle tuning. 


Also setup spindle pulleys:



This is the spindle rpm. If you command M3 S1750, the motor will run 3000rpm, or the max velocity defined in motor tuning.



If the spindle speed is not changing correctly, delete linearity.dat out of your current profile's macro folder.



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