Control On/Off Key Switch

If you do not have a key to turn the keyswitch for turning the computer on and off, there are some options:

1. It is just a momentary 2-wire switch. You could replace it with just about any such momentary 2 wire switch.
2. On the barrel of the key plug is a number. Most locksmiths should be able to get you a key if you provide that number.
3. You can purchase a replacement keyswitch and keys (but not just keys) from us. (approximately $45 which includes s/h) P/N: 100105

Each of these options except number one will be a little time consuming as it is not real easy to remove that key switch.  There is a cable/connector to PC start on the computer so with option 1 you could leave the switch in place and just wire new switch into that plug.

There is a little switch in the back of the computer. Depending on your model it will be a little switch that you push down and looks similar to the top of a click pen. Other models it will be a rocker switch, but be careful because the power supply may have a rocker switch as well.

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