Constant Velocity-Mach3

Constant Velocity (CV) is more of a Theoretical calculation instead of an exact adjustment and will differ between machines and programs. It will take adjustments and tests with data collection of how the change affects things to get it set for your needs. There are some helpful notes to get you going in the right direction and can be found in the attached document (NOTE: this is not a MachMotion document, but a tool we have found helpful. However, we are not able to validate all the information it contains.)

- See primarily the {Constant Velocity “CV”} section, the {CV Dist Tolerance_____Units..} section, and the {Stop CV on angles > _____Degrees} section.

In config->General config, in the bottom right area of the window is CV Dist tolerance and Stop CV on Angles > __ Degrees.  A common solution is to try lowering the CV Dist Tolerance. If that is not giving the needed results, try the Stop CV setting by increasing that number.


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