Bios Issue PC start up failure

A computer may have trouble starting up and loading into windows for a variety of reasons. Here are a few things to try:

NOTE: this does not apply to the x15-200 controls (Dell all-in-one units) or the 2000 series controls.                                                   2000 Series                                                                       X15-200

  1. Bad Monitor. Could be the computer is booting up, but the monitor is bad. You can plug another monitor into the back of the computer to test and see if it shows anything. If it does, likely bad control monitor or cable.

  2. For older systems (gigabyte motherboards) the following procedure may work. If it is an advantech system, this will not work:

    Attached zip file has 3 files: A PDF of the instructions, and the 2 files to put on a blank USB drive to start the PC with.

    Download the zip file and follow the instructions in the PDF for repairing bios related issues on a PC with windows 7 and Gigabyte motherboard 

  3. The control may fail to boot if external devices are connected such as a USB drive. Try removing them and booting again. Removing keyboard, mouse, touchscreen, and such type connections are worth trying as well. Disconnect power to the control (remove power, not just do a shutdown in windows to turn it off), wait 30 minutes, then test.

  4.  Bad power supply. The computer may have a power supply inside it that has failed. You can check to see if the fan is running on the power supply by removing the computer (See removal note below). MachMotion recommends sending the control to us for power supply replacement.  You can replace it yourself or use a local PC repair shop (a big box retailer support center is not recommended), however, support will be extremely limited in this case.

  5. Bad Memory. Typically there will be some faint beeps from the computer if there is a memory error. See cleaning control step below for more info. You can replace the memory or have a local computer repair shop replace it. Due to variances, MachMotion is unable to determine the memory you need. Please compare with existing memory and replace with exact or comparable memory.

  6. Bad hard-drive. The hard-drive may have failed or be corrupted. MachMotion recommends sending to us for replacement. You can replace it yourself or use a local PC repair shop (a big box retailer support center is not recommended), however, support will be extremely limited in this case and will likely need support for re-installing and configuring software with a charge of $125/hr)

  7. Control may need to be cleaned. Environmental conditions can cause collection of dust and other materials that cause problems. Cleaning the control may help. See removing control note below.  Blowing out the control with an air-can approved for electronics is recommended. Ensure power supply and CPU fans due not spin (will act like a generator and induce voltage that can destroy electrical components). Remove the memory and gently clean contacts with a non-abrasive cloth and re-install.

NOTE: For most of the controls, there is a CPU fan and fans for the control enclosure. These should be inspected and tested to ensure smooth and full operation. Replace as needed.

REMOVING CONTROL: The computer is attached to the monitor. Remove cables from back of computer and unscrew the monitor mounting screws from the front and the monitor and computer will come out as one unit from the front 

NOTE: For controls more than 7 years old, it is unlikely that MachMotion can repair / upgrade your control. Please contact us for control replacement options.




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