General Mach Parameters

Look here for minor tweaks you can make to Mach to improve performance.

Setting Debounce Level

Description of the problem:

Debounce is the number of pulses that a switch must be stable for it's signal to be considered valid. For example, electrical noise can cause issues with limit switches being triggered. Debounce can be elevated to ignore the noise.



To raise the debounce level, follow these steps:

  1. In Mach3, open Config -> General Config...
  1. Adjust the debounce interval; level should not be set higher than:
    1. Apollo I: 2500
    2. Apollo III: 100
    3. Interpreter 1000: 100
  2. Click [OK] to save changes

In Mach 4, go to Configure>Plugins>HiCON

Change the debounce level to the desired amount, the click Apply and the OK.


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White Lines in Part Display

Description of the problem:

White lines are appearing in the part display (Tool Path Display).
Verify the tool diameter is set correctly when using cutter compensation.

Motion Continues After Feedrate of 0%


Motion continues before stopping when setting feedrate to 0%.


Motion is commanded with a buffer (a storage of moves). Otherwise it would pause between moves. When you turn to 0% it is just changing the feedrate to a zero, but still completes all the buffered (or sequenced) motion. 0% feedrate is not a "stop". You need to use FeedHold button to stop it.



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