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Solenoid or Pump Wiring

If you have a RapidPath control, the following concepts apply, but connecting will be a little different. See the installation manual for your kit to see additional detail.

Outputs on the breakout board can be used for a variety of control functions. Often they are used for controlling solenoids, coolant pumps, lights, etc, such as water jets often use an output solenoid for the abrasive and mills have an oiler pump. 

Common voltages are 24Vdc, 110Vac, 220Vac (single phase). These output controlled devices should be wired through a relay. See the attached PDFs for example wiring (the 120VAC example works for 220V as well). Where 0V is labeled, this would be GND.

MachMotion default for mist on Mach4 systems is output Y0 (P11 Output0) and coolant / flood is output Y1 (P11 Output 1). For Mach3 it is Output 3 and Output 4. Wiring to those outputs is not mandatory as the software configurations can be changed. 

NOTE - If the output control device needs 3-phase power, then a contactor needs to be used along with the relay. See the attached photo for example wiring (if wiring for single phase, then the contactor is not needed, use the 120VAC example instead). Contact us with your specific application and associated parts for assistance if needed.


Keywords: Flood, Mister, Valve