Operations Manual

Main Overview


This manual is designed to give the operator a working understanding of how to operate your new CNC Centerless Grinder. The control is designed to simplify the operation of your Centerless Grinder high-end features. We have elected not to use g-codes to manipulate the servo axis. Instead, we use the combination of a simplified data entry routine with a graphic interface that the operator will find extremely easy to use.

Using a touch screen interface the operator simply touches the push button to start of stop a function or touch an edit field to change data, directly on the screen.

Each screen contains items that are used specifically for the function of the individual screen like starting and stopping motors, changing cycle modes, entering new feedrates and positions, etc.

There are other items that are used globally. This means that the same items are found on all of the screens. Primarily they are the machine state, cycle time, and date and time at the top of the screen, the axis position, cycle status, current feedrate, and wheel speed on the right side of the screen.

Operator Panel Overview

The following is a description of the Operator Panel and it's functional devices. The numbered balloons point to the object.


  1. Computer HMI. Consists of screens designed to control the machine functions and feedback information on the machine state.
  2. Emergency Stop Button. Used to stop process and motors in the event of an emergency, by turning off all active output logic.
  3. Cycle Start Button. Used to initiate an automatic cycle and confirm actions.
  4. Feedhold Button. Used to pause an automatic cycle in place.
  5. Cycle Stop Button. Used to stop an automatic cycle in place.
  6. Reset Button. Used to clear or reset machine faults and enable system servo motors.
  7. Rapid Speed Control Buttons. Used to change the speed the machine moves during rapid moves.
  8. Feedrate Override Knob. Used to change the speed the machine moves during feed moves.
  9. Spindle Control Buttons. Used to start and stop the wheel and change the speed override value.
  10. Programmable Function Buttons. Used to customize the control.
  11. Jog Control Buttons. Used to manually jog servo axes while the machine is not in a cycle.
  12. Jog Speed Knob. Used to control the speed during manual jog moves.

Start-Up Sequence

  1. Apply power to the control
  2. Press the Reset button on the operator panel. The control will go through it's start-up sequence. Allow time for the computer to start up.
  3.  Start the Mach4 application from the shortcut on the desktop. Allow time for the system to initialize.
  4. Press Cycle Start when the control requests to enable and home the servo axes.

Temporary Shutdown and Restart Sequence


Overnight Shutdown and Restart Sequence


Infeed Setup Procedure


Dresser Setup Procedure


Dresser Path Creation and Edit


Program Setup Screen



Input Screen


Output Screen


Fault Screen


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