2000 Series Universal Cylindrical Grinder Operating Manual




The 2000 Series Universal Cylindrical Grinder control is a two-axis CNC system for OD/ID grinders.

The system includes standard dressing and grinding macros for common straight, tapered and profile geometries with a more simplified G code program. With its familiar windows interface, intuitive graphics, and user friendly layout, the system is easy to learn. Allowing you to have the machine operational almost immediately

The control also accepts standard Fanuc standard G-code, as well as Fanuc Macro B programming compatibility, giving operators virtually unlimited capabilities for writing their own custom programs and macros.

This manual gives the process for basic operation of the 2000 Series Cylindrical Grinder control including a summary of the different features of the pages and additional screens. 

To open the control software double-click on the profile icon on the desktop.

Screen Navigation

Run Page

The run page contains the necessary features for operating the machine. The left side of the screen contains buttons for loading, editing, and running programs as well as the live tool path window to see the path the machine will take when the program is run.

The center of the screen contains information about machine status. The feedrate, wheel head RPM, and workhead spindle RPM can be modified on the fly by typing a new value in the blue box.

On the right side of the screen is a dashboard that can be configured with any number of widgets based on the operator's preferences (See the Series 2000 User Manual). Seen in the example above is the tool wear offset input window which can be used to make slight adjustments to the part diameter, the part offset table (Part Correction Offset) which, when multiple features are being ground on the part, can be used in conjunction with an "E" variable in the program to allow adjustments to each feature individually.


Conversational Page

The conversational page is used to quickly and easily create new grinding and dressing programs without manually writing gcode. A program consists of a set of cycles that are included in the job. The cycles can be added to the job in any order and rearranged or removed as needed. Adding a cycle is a matter of selecting the type of cycle, inputting the dimensional data, and pressing Add to Job. Once all cycles are correct, the Post button will load the job for running. 


Grinder Setup

The grinder setup screen is used to set up the grinding wheels, dresser options, and safety clearances. 

Wheel Head Setup

This page is for setting up wheel head parameters for the active wheel. These parameters affect how the cycles run and how the wheel is dressed.