2000 Series Lathe Operating Manual



This manual gives the process for basic operation of a using the Lathe MachMotion control. The screen is shown below, followed by a brief summary of the different features of the screen. The number shown in the screenshot refers to a brief description below the image. 

To open the control software double-click on the profile icon on the desktop.

Control Screen Overview:

GCode Page

  1. Status
    • Status - Displays any current messages (Home All Pressed, Cycle Start Pressed, etc.)
    • State - Displays the current state of the machine (Run, Feedhold, etc)
    • Cycle Time - Displays how long the GCode has been running
    • Date - Date and time of the timezone of the control
  2. Tool Path
    • Regen ToolPath - Refresh the toolpath of the GCode
    • View Top - Top view of the part
    • View ISO - Side view of the part
  3. File
    • Recent - Load a recently loaded GCode program
    • Load - Load a program from the computer or flash drive
    • Edit - Edit the code that is loaded into the software
    • Close - Close the GCode that is currently loaded in the software
  4. Control
    • Feed Hold - Pauses the GCode program and keeps the spindle running
    • Cycle Stop - Stops the GCode program from running
    • Reset - Resets the alarm and also enables the machine
  5. Tool Path Display
    • Show the X and Y path that the machine will follow when running the GCode program
  6. GCode Display
    • Part Counter
    • GCode Line
    • GCode Display
  7. Advanced - Expand or Collapse
    • Single Block - If active the software will go line by line through the GCode when you press the cycle start button
    • Block Delete - Deletes the block of GCode that is selected
    • Part Counter - Displays the number of parts that the machine has produced
    • M1 OPT Stop - If active the software will stop at any M1 commands in the GCode program and waits for cycle start
    • Alexsys - Opens up the conversational assistant Alexsys in another window
    • Dry Run - If active the software will ignore all mist or flood commands
    • M-S-T Lock - If active the software will ignore all Macro codes, Spindle codes and Tool commands
    • Run From Here\File Resume:

      1. Use the Up/Down arrows in the gcode file window to select the line to start from 
      2. Press the [Run From Here] or [File Resume] button 
      3. Select the [Change to Needed Tool] button if applicable (See Image Below)
      4. Enter desired value in the Feed Rate field (See Image Below)
      5. Select axis to move and press [Move Selected] button (See Image Below) to move the axis into position
      6. Select desired Auxiliary Settings and press [Turn On Selected Auxiliaries] button 
      7. Press [Cycle Start] to begin the file at selected starting line File Resume - If selected this will start the program at the selected gcode line and resumes the file

    • Collapse v - If selected this will minimize the Advanced buttons
  8. Position Display
    • Axis Positions - Large DROs
    • Distance To Go - Yellow DROs
    • Configurable Gauge - Axis Load or Velocity
  9. Position Display Dashboard
    • MDI - Opens up a window that allows for GCode commands
    • Viewing Part - Shows the part coordinates or machine coordinates of the machine
    • 5 Configurable Function Buttons
  10. Active Modals
    • Active Offset - Shows the current active fixture offset (G54, G55, etc)
  11. Tool Display
    • T - The current – the first two digits refer to the tool and the second two refer to the offset
    • Picture – shows the current tip direction of the tool
    • Tool Post – shows which tool post the tool is connected to – Primary, Secondary or not defined
    • Description of the current tool
  12. Feedrate Display
    • F - The current feedrate commanded
    • Feed OV - The current Feedrate Override utilizing the Feedrate Override knob on the operating panel (0-200%)
    • Rapid OV - The current Rapid Override utilizing the Rapid Override knob on the operating panel (0-200%)
  13. Spindle Display
    • S - The current spindle speed
    • Rpm - The current spindle speed feedback
    • FWD - Turns on if the spindle is moving Forward
    • REV - Turns on if the spindle is moving in Reverse
    • Spindle OV - The current spindle override utilizing the spindle override knob on the operating panel (0-200%)
    • Spindle Load - The current spindle load utilizing the spindle speed feedback
    • Range - Displays the current spindle range (spindle pulley) 
    • G50 Speed Limit - Displays the current G50 limit and changes to yellow when a limit is active
  14. Dashboard
    • Configurable Dashboard
    • Add Widgets

Conversational Page


  1. Conversational Programming
    • The Conversational page is used to quickly and easily create new turning and facing programs without manually writing gcode. A program consists of a set of cycles that are included in the job. The cycles can be added to the job in any order and rearranged or removed as needed. Adding a cycle is a matter of selecting the type of cycle, inputting the dimensional data, and pressing Add to Job. Once all cycles are correct, the Post button will load the job for running. 
    • For more info watch our videos on YouTube playlist Lathe Canned Cycles

Tools Page