X15-250 Control


1 Overview

1.1 Components

System Components:

  • X15-250 Control
  • Power Cable
  • Pendant (optional)
  • Documentation packet


 Figure 1 - Power Cable



Figure 2 - Optional Pendant

The documentation packet contains the following:

  • Power key for control startup
  • System backup USB drive
  • Backup copies of software installed on the control
  • System documentation
  • Control Information Packet

 Keep the documentation packet in a safe place.

 1.2 Specifications

See the X15-250 User Manual for details and specifications

 1.3 Requirements

Power requirements for the X15-250 are 100VAC-240VAC 50-60Hz.

 1.4 Tools Required

  • Phillips Screw Driver

2 Control Startup

2.1 Supplying Power

To power your control, begin by taking off the back cover of the control.  You need to remove 8 screws.


Figure 3 - Back Panel

Next, plug in the black power cable. The cable plugs into the connector inside the hole on the top of the control as shown below.


Top view


Side view from inside control

Figure 4 - Power Cable

2.2 Turning on the Computer

Locate the keys in the white documentation box that came with the control.


Figure 5 - Keys

Place one key into the keyhole at the back right hand side of the control as pictured below. Turn on the computer by rotating the key and then quickly releasing it.


Figure 6  - PC Start

3 Shutting Down the Control

Note: Do not turn the key until the control’s software has completely shut down. Also, do not remove power from the machine until the control is completely off.

To power down the control rotate and release the key on the back right hand side of the control. Do not hold the key in the turned position, let it spring back immediately.

The system can also be shut down by clicking on the [Start] menu and then pressing [Shut Down]. The MachMotion control will turn off.

Warranty Information

MachMotion warranty policy is subject to change. Updated information is available at our website:


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