X15-250 User Manual



1 Turning on the control

The primary way to power the control is with the key.


Figure 1 – Keys

Place one key into the keyhole at the back right hand side of the control as pictured below. Turn on the control by rotating the key and then quickly releasing it.


Figure 2 – PC Start

There is also a small black backup power on button near the power plug behind the back panel of the control. See Figure 15 - Control Port Diagram.

2 Control Components

2.1 Operator Panel (X15-10-01)

On the right hand side of your control there is the operator panel with jog buttons, selector knobs, and a few buttons (See Figure 3).


Figure 3 – Operator Panel

The jog buttons can be used to move the axes manually. Use the Axis Selector to choose which axis to jog. If the Axis Selector is in the off position, the jog buttons are disabled (See Figure 4).


Figure 4 – Jog Buttons and Axis Selector

Note: If the jog buttons do not work, make sure that the Axis Selector on the optional pendant is turned off.

To change the jogging speed or the jog increments adjust the Jog Selector. The selections labeled Step Jog control which predefined step or increment the system moves each time a jog key is pressed. The system can jog 1 through 10,000 10,000ths of a unit by selecting X1 through X10,000. See Figure 5 below.


Figure 5 – Jog Selector

To jog continuously rather than incrementally, turn the Jog Selector over into the Continuous Jog section. The machine can jog at the full jog rate (100%) or slow it down to 2%.

The Feedrate Selector can adjust the feed rate override from 0% all the way to 130%. It can be used to slow the machine while running a program. Also, in step jog mode the speed of the axis is regulated by the feed rate Selector.


Figure 6 - Feedrate Selector

The green button is a cycle start button which starts a file and the small red button is a feed hold which pauses the file.


Figure 7 - Cycle Start and Feed Hold Buttons

The red E-Stop button stops the whole system and prevents any movement.

2.2 Pendant (X15-20-01, Optional)

The pendant is mounted on the right side of the control near the operator panel. See Figure 8 below.



Figure 8 - Pendent

To use the pendant switch the Axis Selector (3) to the desired axis. The pendant will not work if the Axis Selector is in the OFF position. While holding down the enable button (see Figure 9, 1), rotate the hand wheel (2, also called the MPG) and the selected axis will move. Change axes by switching the Axis Selector to a different axis. The speed can be adjusted using the Jog Selector (4).


Figure 9 - Axis Selector

The Jog Selector on the pendant switches between either 0.0001 or 0.001 unit increments. Each click of the MPG will move the selected increment. However, if the Jog Selector is on V then the MPG is in velocity mode. In velocity mode the axis moves as long as the MPG is turning and the speed of the axis is regulated by the speed of the hand wheel. In other words, turning the hand wheel very fast will make the axis move very quickly.


Figure 10 - Jog Selector

When the pendant is not in use, make sure to turn the Axis Selector to OFF. Otherwise the operator panel jog functionality will be disabled.

2.3 Mouse

Below the operator panel is a ball mouse. Use this for navigating around on the control.


Figure 11 - Mouse

2.4 Keyboard

The keyboard is located at the bottom of the control in a flip-out tray. For security and safety reasons there is a lock hole in the back left hand side of the keyboard tray to prevent the tray from opening. The lock is not supplied with the control.


Figure 12 - Keyboard

2.5 External USB Port

On the right side of the keyboard there is a USB port. Use this for transferring programs, files, or any other data to and from the control.


Figure 13 - USB Port

3 Computer Port Diagram

Below is a diagram of all the different ports on the control with a brief description of each.


Figure 14 - Control Port Diagram

  1. Power Board
    Three power supplies (24VDC, 12VDC, & 5VDC) for low power applications.
  2. Power Cable
    110VAC-220VAC power for the control.
  3. PC Start
    To remotely start the control connect these two pins together with a momentary push button switch.
  4. PS2 Port with USB Converter
    This is used for the mouse. 
  5. Parallel Ports (Optional)
    These are used to communicate with some breakout boards
  6. Ethernet Ports
    These ports are used to connect to local Ethernet networks and motion controllers.
  7. Serial Port
    This can be used for any application. Many of our systems use it to communicate with a PLC.
  8. VGA Monitor Connector
    This is used to connect the control to a monitor with a standard VGA cable.
  9. Audio
    These are the standard audio inputs and outputs.
  10. USB Ports
    These ports are used for the keyboard, mouse, operator panel, file transfer, and more. 
  11. Fan Connectors
    These connectors supply 12VDC for two small fans.
  12. USB 3.0 Ports
    These ports can be used like all the other USB ports. They are higher performance and have a much higher data transfer speed.
  13. DVI
    Optional monitor connection
  14. HDMI Port
    Optional monitor connection
  15. Secondary Power Button

4 Specification

Below is the specification for a standard X15-250 CNC control.



Power Source

AC 115VAC – 220VAC  50/60 Hz

Max Power Consumption





X15-110 PC

Operating System

Windows 7


Intel® Pentium® Dual-Core 2.6GHz


2 GB

I/O Ports


PS/2 Keyboard & PS/2 Mouse


VGA Port


DVI Port




Serial Port


Parallel Ports


Ethernet LAN (RJ45) Port


USB Ports

6 (2 Available)

 6 Channel Audio I/O



17” Color LCD



Power Supply

5VDC, 12VDC, & 24VDC






24"(W) X 15.5"(H) X 6.5"(D)


18 Gauge Steel, Powder Coated



Operator Interface


X15-10-01 Operator Panel

Jog Buttons, Selector Switches, Emergency Stop, Cycle Start, & Feed Hold Buttons

X15-20-01 Pendant (Optional)

Hand-wheel & Selector Switches

Below is the X15-250 CNC Control drawing.


5 Appendix

Warranty Information

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