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Set-up Procedure for MachMotion 2000 Series Demo Control with Camera

Remove From Case and Connect Hardware

1) Place keyboard, mouse pad, and mouse in the control tray.


2) Mount the Camera on the top left of the control.

Image (4)2.jpg

It should look like this. 


3) Plug in the Camera.

4) Connect the WiFi and pendant antennas as shown in the photo below.


5) Connect a plug-in power cable into the back of the control. 


The control will automatically turn on when you plug it in. 

Connect to WiFi Network

1) Click on the Network icon on the lower left-hand side of the screen.


2) Click the name of your local WiFi network you would like to connect to. Then click "Connect." (Please note the network may be secured and require a security key to access.)


Enable TeamViewer Session with MachMotion

1) Call your sales representative on the phone so they can initiate a TeamViewer session. 

2) Enable the Camera and Mic. On the camera window the sales representative opens up, click on the mic and camera button to enable sound and video through the control.


You now should be able to hang up the phone and continue your conversation with your sales representative through the control. 

Checklist For Boxing-Up the Control

1) Please make sure all the following items have been removed from the control and make it back into the right compartment before shipping back.

      • Control
      • Keyboard
      • Mouse
      • Mouse Pad
      • Camera
      • Wireless Pendant
      • Power Cable
      • WiFi and Pendant Antennas

2) Attach the included return shipping label to the outside of the case and arrange pickup with your local FedEx office.

We hope to partner with you long term! Thanks for using a MachMotion demo control!