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Self Install Quick Sheet


Motor Couplings

image.pngR+W Couplings:

Ruland Couplings:

Misc. Bolts and Screws

                                                               image.png   image.png

McMaster Carr:

Bolt Depot:

Misc. Parts and Fittings

                                                            image.png     image.png

McMaster Carr:


MSC Direct:

Sheaves and Pulleys

                                                                    image.png     image.png

B&B Manufacturing:

McMaster Carr:


Cable Glands

                                                                     image.png     image.png

McMaster Carr:

American Fittings:

Motor Plates and Machining

Google local machine shops


Limit Switches

Mechanical Switches 

Proxy switch


Heating Control

For operating in a cold environment you may need to put a heater in such as: 060210-00 (or smaller unit 060110-00)