Reviewing Your Mach3 Control Installation

To verify that your CNC control is completely setup, please review the checklist below.

 Push in the large red Emergency Stop button on the operator of your control.

o Does it EStop Mach3 and disable all your axes? If not, see check the wiring of your EStop circuit.

 Jog all axes in both directions (Use the operator panel or the arrow keys on your keyboard).

o Does each axis move at a reasonable speed? If not, try adjusting the velocity in the motor tuning.

o Is the motion in each axis smooth? If not, try adjusting the acceleration in the motor tuning.

o Does each axis move in the correct direction (i.e. does the control DRO correspond with the axis direction)? If not, change the axis’s direction.

 Command each axis to move one inch (MDI G91 G01 and then X1, Y1, Z1, etc).

o Did it move the exact distance? If not, calibrate your machine.

 Make sure you have no backlash.

o Follow the sequence below for each axis:

 Move the axis in one direction farther than the maximum possible backlash.

 Mount your dial indicator and zero it.

 Move the axis again in the same direction for a specific distance (it doesn’t matter how far).

 Move the axis backwards the same distance.

o Did the machine move back to zero? If not, check your backlash compensation.

 Turn the spindle on CW and CCW (if you have wired your spindle to run both directions) by commanding M3 and then M4 in the MDI line.

o Did the spindle move both directions? If not, check your spindle setup.

 Command different spindle speeds (MDI S100, S500, S1000, etc with the spindle running).

o Does the spindle move the correct RPM? If not, calibrate your spindle.

 Press Home All or Reference All.

o Does each axis hit its home switch and back off of it? If not, setup homing.

 Slowly jog each axis to the positive and then negative limits of its travel.

o Do the soft limits stop each axis from hitting a hard stop or a limit switch? If not, setup your soft limits.

 Trigger each limit switch (manually or by turning off the soft limits and jogging slowly into the limit).

o Does it EStop Mach3? If not, setup your limit switches or check your wiring.

 Test your Flood, Mist, and any other outputs you are using on this control.

o Do they work correctly? If not, setup your outputs and check your wiring.

 Run a G-Code file.

Does it run correctly?