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Quick-Start Tips

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Documents Box:  Most controls will ship with a smaller cardboard box. This box may contain manuals, cables, and more that would make for a good starting point of your install

Backups:  For all series controls, copy the entire C:\Mach4\ folder to the USB drive after setup is complete and anytime configuration changes are made after that. If the hard-drive ever needs replacing, this backup will save you lots of time and money so be sure to keep it in a safe and known location. 2000 Controls come with the USB drive already installed in the lower access panel.

Configuration Changes :  Settings in the MachMotion software are saved each time you exit the software. When doing initial setup, it is good practice to exit the software every so often as it creates a backup file of the settings from that point. This way if you make a mistake in a settings change, you can go back to previous point without having to start all over.  Taking notes of what was changed since last exit can help you know where to pick back up as well.

Shutdown:  Shutdown the MachMotion software and wait 3 seconds before shutting down windows or turning power off to the control. This gives the software time to save the settings to the backup file. Corrupted data can occur if machine is shut off while the Mach software is still open.

Verify Motion:  Your system has been tested and verified to run without errors just before being packaged and shipped. Unless MachMotion is doing your install, verify motion of the motors before routing the motor cables to verify good motion after shipping and configure motor direction before mounting to the machine. This is especially important if there is a slave axis to prevent gantry "twisting" by the two motors working against each other.

Internet and Antivirus:  While this is a Windows based industrial computer, it should be considered as a dedicated control for the machine and not be used for surfing the web, checking email, etc. Internet access should be used so LAN access on company network and Remote Support can be done.

Each control comes by default with Windows 10 Defender and we recommend just using that for your antivirus. Many other antivirus programs can cause problems with the machine performance. We are not able to provide a list of ones to use and due to the dynamic nature of such software it can always change at any update. While we understand the concern for wanting such software on the computer, it shouldn't be needed if being used as a machine control and for Remote Support. You can use it, but we are unable to guarantee or support the service.

3rd Party Programs/Applications (Spotify, Dropbox, etc):  Do not use 3rd party software such as Spotify, Dropbox, etc.  Consider this Industrial Computer as a control for the machine, not as a Personal Computer. Performance can be impacted by use of such services.

Post-Processor: Additional information on post-processors for generating g-code from CAM software is located at: