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Adding a monitor to a 2000 series

With a DFI mother board only an unconverted DVI cable will work.

With I-base (AMD) use an HDMI.

As a disclaimer though adding a new monitor will work, we do not recommend our customers open up a 2000 series control and doing so to add a monitor would void the warranty, however if your control is over a year old the warranty is expired anyway.



To add a new monitor these are the steps,

First, remove both back covers and disconnect the cables and wires inside.



Then remove these six screws



Next make sure you have a good place to set down the control (a piece of foam works great)

then remove these nine screws and the control will come lose from the enclosure.

Be cautious in case a wire is still connected






Next connect an HDMI cable (or a DVI cable, If you have a DFI motherboard)  make sure you ziptie it to something solid just in case it ever gets pulled in future.

AMD (ibase) motherboard


DFI motherboard



Reassemble the control and use the new cable for your extra monitor.


When fabricating the mount for the extra monitor these bolts for a potential back mount can be very useful. (they are 5/16x18 )




You will need to play with the windows settings to get it to display properly and will also have to recalibrate the touch screen to your control.




The display configuration is not very hard but it does require a good familiarity with windows.