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2000 Series - Tool Offsets

Tools and Tool Offsets

Defining tools depends on the tool setter/gage-block position type. The tool setter/gage-block position type options are fixed (e.g., a bed mill) and random (e.g., a knee mill).

Manual Tool Setter / Gauge Block

If the table height (work surface) of the machine is adjustable, the Setter Position needs to be updated before you begin a job.

  1. Go to the Tools tab
    1. You need to work with machine coordinates while setting up offsets. Click Viewing Part to switch the DRO display to machine coordinates. The button will change to Viewing Machine and the button and DRO numbers will be orange.
  2. Click on the Tool Setters button in the Calibrate section.
  3. Choose the Manual tool setter (or create a new one).
    1. Set the Tool Setter Height.
    2. You can set the tool setter Z Position (the position of the bottom of the gauge block or the top of the work surface) using the Z Position Wizard or you can close the Calibrate Tool Setters dialog, jog the nose of the spindle down to touch off the gauge block and click Calculate Setter Position in the Manual Tool Setter / Gauge Block section.
  4. Change the tool number to the number for the new tool
  5. Touch the tool off on the tool setter/gage block
  6. Press the Calculate Tool Length button in the Manual Tool Setter / Gauge Block section to record tool length
  7. Repeat steps 4-6 for each additional tools

You can examine the tool offsets in the Tool Table.


Tool diameters can be set in the Diameter field or in the Tool Table. Tool diameters are required only if cutter compensation is being used.